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Wenger advises Liverpool on how to match the ‘Invincibles’

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While talking on beIN Sports, Arsene Wenger talked about Liverpool’s impressive run and how they can match the ‘Invincibles’

Liverpool is currently on track to winning the Premier League undefeated for the second time in history, this would match Arsene Wenger’s ‘Invincibles‘.

This Arsenal squad is the only club in English football history that won the tournament without losing a single game.

The Reds already won 18 out of 19 matches and they tied only one.

Although it’s still early in the season, Arsene Wenger believes this squad has what it takes to reach the same milestone that the Gunners did back then.

That unforgettable 2003-04 season will go down in history as the first time.

Wenger makes sure he reminds people about it when they talk about another undefeated club.

To the French manager, the key in this Liverpool side is the good balance they have between their attack and their defense. 

Wenger lauds Klopp’s intelligent football. 

“You look at the number of goals they score and the number of goals they concede,” Wenger said on beIN Sports.

“They are very good. They play intelligent football, their players make intelligent decisions on the pitch.

“That is very difficult to get in the team because you need a special run to do that and to get the fear of losing out of the team.

“It’s something that is very important and they have that at the moment.”

“They were close last year and they are still on course to do it.

“But I think what Liverpool is expecting at the moment is just to win the Premier League and that is the first target for such a football city.

“To stay for 30 years without winning the Premier League… nobody would have predicted that.

“That is their main target and I think they are on a good run and on a good course to achieving that this season because their main opponent is quite far away already.”