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Wenger explains the differences between Messi & Ronaldo

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Arsene Wenger has offered a unique take on the never-ending GOAT debate between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi and Ronaldo are among the best footballers to have played the game, and perhaps even the greatest of all-time. But which of them is the one and only GOAT?

Arturo Vidal claimed on Saturday that there is ‘no comparison’ between the pair as Messi is on ‘another planet’. But he didn’t explain what actually makes the Argentine supposedly better than Ronaldo.

He pretty much just stated Messi is better and nothing else – not very insightful, right?

But now Wenger has offered a deeper analysis on the differences between the duo. He cites Messi as the more creative player, while Ronaldo is the athletic-type footballer that is better suited to the game as it is now.

The former Arsenal boss told SoFoot.com: “I often say that Ronaldo is the athlete-footballer, and Messi, the exceptional artist, is the difference between the two.

“Afterwards, everyone prefers one or the other. When we like the game, we prefer the artist.

“The creative makes you discover things that you do not see, that you have not even considered from the stands.

“It’s finer, even if I don’t deny the quality of the Portuguese. I just believe that football has evolved into the Ronaldo style.

“This does not mean that we should eliminate the creative. The rules must evolve to make the game more spectacular, more beautiful to see.”