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Wenger – Hazard’s weight is the problem

eden hazard, real madrid
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Arsene Wenger has weighed in on the problems Eden Hazard is having finding form at Real Madrid.

Wenger comes from an era where tough love is the medicine of the day.

The Frenchman did not hold back when it came to pinpointing what he feels are Hazard’s issues.

Speaking on beIn, he admitted to not knowing the player personally but had a good idea as to what was wrong.

“He is not the type of guy to be [over-awed at Madrid] but I don’t know him well enough to assess that.”

“I think it was more down to physical reasons. He became too heavy and what you read in the papers.”

“If you want to make a horse lose a race, you put two kilos on a horse of 500kgs and it’s enough.”

Hazard scored 12-plus goals on five occasions in the Premier League, with his final season at Chelsea resulting in an incredible 16 strikes and 15 assists.

But his form in the Premier League has deserted the 28-year-old in Spain so far and Wenger feels the player is lacking confidence stemming from his fitness issues.

“I feel we have not seen the Hazard we know in England yet,” Wenger said.

“He was not physically fit after he was injured. He is not a player who is usually impressed by anything.

Hazard’s ability has never been in question, but weight has been a topic of discussion since he arrived in Madrid.

It has even been the brunt a joke for many.