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Wenger: “I suffer just like every supporter”

Arsene Wenger, Arsenal, Premier League
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Arsene Wenger left Arsenal last year after years of service since joining the Gunners back in 1996, boosting the club’s reputation mightily.

However, his replacement, Unai Emery, didn’t succeed Wenger accordingly.

The Spaniard was sacked a couple of weeks ago, leaving Arsenal in a blank state.

The Gunners are looking for a change, and there aren’t many options on the market.

Wenger commented on the whole situation, giving his opinion:

“Of course Arsenal is going through a very difficult period so it’s better I don’t comment too much on that and I just suffer like every supporter,” he said, as quoted by Sky Sports.

The Frenchman also expressed his concerns about Arteta’s experience as a manager.

Whatever the case may be, Arsenal are entering the new era, and without Wenger around – nothing is certain.