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Wenger: Ozil may be on the move during the summer

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Arsene Wenger claims he is not sure whether Mesut Ozil will join Manchester United during the summer, but the Germany international will stay in January, that’s for sure

The Arsenal boss talked to the media about the contract of Mesut Ozil, and went on to address the issue of Alexis Sanchez as well. The reason behind speculations of Ozil joining United or maybe even Barcelona is that his deal expires at the end of this season.

“How close? I don’t know how close. We have never been approached by Man United anyway, so I don’t see why that came up. That is something that has been created. [He’ll stay] until the end of the season, the rest is open,” Wenger said, when asked if Ozil is close to signing a new contract.

Besides Ozil, Alexis Sanchez is also set to become a free agent next summer. The Chile international has been monitored by Manchester City, but Wenger says the 28-year-old will stay until the summer as well.

“They will all stay. It’s very difficult for me to tell you as I will analyse every case individually. My wish and my desire is that everybody stays. If you come in and tell me ‘I will offer you this for this player’ I will tell you yes or no.”

As Arsenal are now 19 points behind league leaders Manchester City, Wenger claimed that City had “petrol” to help fuel a run that has seen them avoid defeat for their opening 16 games of the season – perhaps a cheeky reference to their owner, Sheikh Mansour, who hails from the oil-rich UAE, GOAL reports.

The French manager was also asked how Guardiola’s City compare with Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ team that completed the 2003-04 season unbeaten, Wenger said: “We had no petrol and ideas. They have petrol and ideas so that makes it more efficient.”