Wenger says he had health problems at Arsenal

The French manager had health problems at the end of his 21-year tenure in the English Premier League club Arsenal.

After 21 years at the front of the Arsenal helm in the English Premier League, French coach Arsene Wenger decided to quit football… at least for a while.

The out-of-work manager has yet to decide if he wants to come back, but in an interview with talkSPORT, he said he had some health problems at the end of his Gunners’ tenure.

“So it was both a break-up but also a relief for me because carrying that responsibility for so long, with all the obligations that come with it, it wears you out,” he said.

“It’s extraordinarily difficult. And last year I felt I was beginning to pay the price health-wise.”

“Some moments I was sad. He doesn’t deserve it for what he’s done,” he continued.

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“In football, it’s all about today. What you’ve done yesterday, unfortunately, doesn’t count.”

The Frenchman won three Premier League titles and seven FA Cups during his time at the English club.

Wenger said in February that his “future is unknown – even for me.”

“I enjoy daily life now and I have been travelling a lot recently all over the world.”

“I am enjoying a little bit less pressure, and more freedom as well. But I miss the competition,” he concluded that day.


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