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Wenger talks about his strange life after Arsenal FC

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Former Arsenal manager explained how his process was after leaving the Gunners, he also revealed his struggle to return to football.

Arsene Wenger has been out of the game for nearly a year now, he left Arsenal last season and watching another manager in his place has been strange.

The French manager has been doing all types of different work now that he isn’t a professional manager, but he does miss the everyday grinding.

Wenger has been busy working as a pundit for several media outlets and also involved as an investor in football technology.

There is a new technology called PlayerMaker, which involves implanting a chip on footballer’s boot that can measure their performance in numbers.

Wenger was actually one of the first pioneers who agreed to measure his players’ covered distance after matches in the Premier League back in the ’90s.

Now that the opportunity to invest in this new venture came his way, Arsene didn’t hesitate and he became one of the main spokesmen for this new technology.

During a massive media presentation on the technology, Arsene offered interviews to several media outlets to discuss this new business.

But the most interesting part of these interviews came when he needed to discuss his exit from Arsenal and the offers he’s gotten over the last few months.

Turns out that Arsene Wenger didn’t have the best time when he had to witness Unai Emery coaching his players for the first time.

Arsene confessed that he felt really strange, he also spoke about how difficult retirement has been for him over the last few months.

“It was a bit strange at the start,” Wenger said to FourFourTwo.

“But my mind is quite well trained. I can focus on what I want to focus on.”

“If you work for such a long time, for 40 years in management, you cannot say you don’t miss it. But when I miss it, I focus on something different in life.”

“Retirement is dying. “I was in front of the unknown,” he admits now.

“You never know how you respond to that situation, because I never wrote a CV in my life, but I’d always worked. I started at 29 as a manager and I never stopped for 40 years.”

“I have gotten some offers, yes,” he confirms.

“Originally I wanted to manage again straight away. Then I thought, ‘Do I go straight into the heat again?'”

“It’s not so much the heat, but once you go in there, there’s nothing else in your life. So I thought, ‘Let’s at least take a bit of time’.”

“I thought, ‘OK, two months, three months’. Now I have a problem to get in again!”

Despite these crossroads in his life, Arsene Wenger is trying his best to live with the decisions he’s made in the last year.

It all comes down to trying to look at retirement in a positive light for Arsene Wenger.

“But it’s been enjoyable. You have seen me on telly as a pundit, although not for Arsenal games, because everything I would say about Arsenal could be interpreted in a certain way.”

“I read a lot, I play different sports, I’ve travelled a lot, I’ve watched a lot of games, charity work, and I’ve done many conferences on football, management, motivation, the meaning of life…”

“I personally don’t know what it means!”

“The good feeling now is that I don’t have to get up, and if I have a lunch that’s interesting: I don’t have to leave because I have a commitment. I discovered that freedom of time, and it’s a good feeling.”

“I don’t know if I will go back to management. I will get back into football, for sure – in what position, I don’t know.”

“It can be as a manager, or not. I think the appetite is still there, the desire is still there, but I know what kind of life I have now. I have to decide.”

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