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Wenger warns Ligue 1 clubs against foreign investors

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Arsene Wenger has warned Ligue 1 sides to be careful with foreign investors, adding that most of them don’t have the best interests of the club at heart.

Ligue 1 clubs have seen a number of foreign investors in recent time but Wenger has urged them to be careful before letting them in.

The likes of PSG and Lille have seen success after foreign ownership but a lot of other sides have not seen similar fortunes after similar investments.

Bordeaux is one of the sides in the latter category, with fans already vocal against American owners King Street over their nonchalant attitude of running the club. The same goes for Ligue 2 side Sochaux who haven’t done any better since they sold their ownership to a group from China.

Wenger recently spoke on a lot of topics and the idea of letting foreign investors into the Ligue 1 foray is one of the many he dwelled one.

The former Arsenal manager warns that Ligue 1 sides could risk damaging their culture, while also adding that some of the foreign investors only want to make quick money.

“Unfortunately, I think we’re witnessing a reverse phenomenon today,” he said. “For example, take French clubs.” Wenger said to BeIN Sports.

“They are gradually falling into hands of people who are not real builders for the future of the club, but rather investors who are seeking to earn money very quickly.”

“And we can see in France today that there are a lot of problems at this level because the clubs are dissatisfied. Supporters feel that the primary goal is not to build a good team but to achieve financial gain.”

Wenger, who holds a role with FIFA, added that measures might now be taken to see the real intention of owners when they want to buy clubs.

“Perhaps we should create a Club Purchasing Ethics Commission to see what the real intentions of the people who buy are clubs are,”

“You can’t squander a country’s footballing culture simply for financial reasons.”