We’re not playing Monopoly: Bayern’s president

According to Uli Hoeness, the team will not spend more than €80 million during the summer transfer window for a single player.

Bayern Munich has bought Lucas Hernandez from Atletico Madrid for €80 million, the highest transfer fee paid by the German Bundesliga club ever.

They also signed Benjamin Pavard from Stuttgart for €35 million.

But according to the team’s president Uli Hoeness, his team will not spend more than €80 million for a single player this transfer window.

“We’re not playing Monopoly here. We’re a soccer club,” he was quoted by Bavarian Works.

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“We have reached a limit with €80 million, and I don’t think that we’ll exceed it in further transfers.”

“We said that the transition would plunge ahead. We have gotten two or three players and will definitely not stop at that,” he continued.

“Once the Pokal match is over, Hasan will be active again. At the moment, he’s been laying low, because whenever he pops up somewhere, the story is that he’s interested in this guy or that guy.”

“After the game against Leipzig, things will pick up. If we can finish this year of transition with the championship, then we can’t be worried about the future of FC Bayern,” he added.

He also spoke about the rumors around manager Niko Kovac: “I have always said I won’t take part in this discussion. I won’t do that today either. You won’t hear anything about that topic from me, because I’m of the opinion that now is not the right moment for that.”


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