We’re one of the favorites: Fabinho

According to Liverpool’s Fabinho, the team is the current UEFA Champions League favorite because they are the reigning champions.

Liverpool defeated Tottenham Hotspur last June to win the UEFA Champions League title.

And as the team prepares to defend their crown tonight against Napoli, Reds’ footballer Fabinho believes they are favorite to win the trophy again.

“[We are] one of the favorites, I think,” Fabinho told the club’s official website.

“The reigning champion is always the favorite and given Liverpool’s run of form over the last two competitions we must be considered one of the main contenders.”

“But it doesn’t put any additional pressure on us, we know how to deal with it, we know how to handle the pressure. It won’t be a problem,” he said.

“The Champions League is the toughest competition in Europe with all the best teams involved. We’ll do everything to qualify for the Round of 16. It’s a case of taking things step by step.”

Marcus Rashford, Manchester United, Premier League

We deserved the three points: Marcus Rashford

According to the Manchester United forward, his team shouldn't have drawn against Liverpool after he scored the first goal of the match.

“Last year we showed it was possible – normally a team with 97 points are champions,” he commented.

“We were able to maintain the intensity and high standard in both competitions.”

“It’s exhausting, it’s difficult, it demands a lot from the entire squad of players. It demands a lot of the coaching staff as well, working on recovery and preparation every two days for a high-level game,” Fabinho concluded.


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