What counts is what’s done: Albert Celades

New Valencia boss Albert Celades is not afraid of taking decisions for his club, as he prepares to play in the UEFA Champions League.

Valencia is set to play against Chelsea in the opening match of the Group Stage of the UEFA Champions League.

And the team’s boss Albert Celades explained why he’s not afraid to take any decisions.

“Even if I don’t yell a lot, what counts is what’s done, and the decisions are made by me,” Celades told the press conference according to Marca.

“They are mine, and the day I leave here I will leave with my decisions.”

He added: “I am not afraid, and I am very serene.”

“When there is a change of coach, there is an adaptation process and you have to combine all that.”

Mallorca, Real Madrid, La Liga

Zidane explained what happened to Real Madrid

Real Madrid fell against Mallorca in the Spanish La Liga, and Los Merengues coach Zinedine Zidane was not happy about it.

“But this is an exciting challenge, regardless of whether there are people who think that this is a problem and an unwanted situation,” he commented.

“I am here to do a job for which I have been hired.”

“I will make the decisions that I deem appropriate and I will continue making them until I leave,” he concluded.


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