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What did a nice guy like Klopp do to deserve this abuse?

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool
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Monterrey coach Antonio Mohamed reveals the expletives he roared at Jurgen Klopp because he feels the German disrespected him.

Things got a little heated on the touchline between Jurgen Klopp and Antonio Mohamed.

The Liverpool and Monterrey managers were furious with each other during the Club World Cup semi-final match.

Klopp felt the Mexican side were targetting Mohamed Salah, and it appears that his Argentine counterpart is not denying it.

In an interview reported by Enganche, Mohamed admits they went after Salah but Klopp got right under his skin with his constant demand for cards.

“What happened is that I was disrespected.”

“[Klopp] kept asking for yellow cards because he said we were hitting [Mohamed] Salah all the time.”

“Then when I asked for a card to expel one of their players, he stuck his tongue out at me like a p*ssy.”

“When I saw him, I laughed at first and then I got a little angry and rose to his bait.”

“Then my neighborhood came out and I lost all elegance and composure.”

The Monterrey boss then reveals just how brutal his verbal bash on a nice guy like Klopp was.

He added:

“I think I said to him ‘Your f*cking mother’s c*nt, who have you been f*cking? Q****’.”

To be fair though it didn’t look like Klopp was backing down either.