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What did Ronaldo whisper in the ears of Mbappe?

Cristiano Ronaldo & Kylian Mbappe - France vs Portugal
Source: Kylian Mbappe official Twitter account

Neither sets of fans were satisfied when France went against Portugal last time out as it ended in a goalless stalemate, but both sets of fans had a sight to behold prior to the start of the second half of the match.

A ‘passing of the torch’ moment was witnessed as Cristiano Ronaldo and Kylian Mbappe shared a special moment just as their teams were preparing to kick-off after the half-time break.

Ronaldo and Mbappe got involved in a seemingly deep conversation for a short while and had a playful exchange, and the football fanatics have since been alive with excitement over their encounter.

Fans around the globe has since been speculating what the two superstars conversed about during their mini rendezvous, after which Mbappe posted a snapshot of that moment on social media with the caption ‘idol, goat emoji, and crown emoji’.

It is being claimed that the five-time Ballon d’Or winner gave some advice to the young Frenchman. The 35-year old has enjoyed unparalleled success and is hardly showed any signs of slowing down very late in his career. Perhaps he took a page or two from his book of greatness and handed it to a player who is viewed as the next big thing in football.

Another theory, and quite an interesting one, is that CR7 discussed his future with the Frenchman. He has been linked with a move to Paris Saint-Germain and it is said that he was enquiring about life in the French capital from his teammate-to-be.

Furthermore, it has also been suggested that he tried to talk Mbappe into joining him at Juventus.

Obviously, it cannot be said with absolute certainty what the pair’s topic of conversation was at Stade de France on Sunday night.