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What is Mesut Ozil’s net worth? All you need to know here

What is Mesut Ozil's net worth? All you need to know here
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How much is Mesut Ozil worth? Find out here how Arsenal’s highest-paid star ranks in his millions and uses them for charity.

Once dubbed the ‘German Messi’, Mesut Ozil has been one of the biggest football stars for the last decade. His talents have taken him to extraordinary heights and earned millions in the process.

The 31-year-old’s abilities are unique in football, with his technical skills and creativity setting him apart from his peers. He can also fish out goal opportunities nobody else can see, making him one of the planet’s best playmakers. A staggering 19 assists in the Premier League came courtesy of him alone in 2015/16.

Aware of his importance, Arsenal made Ozil their highest-earner in January 2018. He committed to a three-and-a-half-year contract, earning £350,000-per-week and £18.2m annually. A host of lucrative sponsorship deals, meanwhile, increases his income.

American business magazine Forbes stated that Ozil was the 57th highest-paid athlete of 2019, alongside Detroit Lions NFL star Trey Flowers. He earned $30.2m (€26.9m/£23.9m approx) for that year. Fellow Premier League players Paul Pogba and Alexis Sanchez sat above him in 44th and 53rd-place respectively.

Ozil’s net worth, meanwhile, has grown to an estimated personal fortune of $100m (€92.1m/£80.4m). Of course, we must point out this figure is only speculative as neither the player nor his representatives have confirmed it.

Sponsorship deals

As one of the most famous footballers in Europe, Mesut Ozil has never been shy of sponsorship offers. Forbes, in fact, stated he made $6.5m from endorsements in 2019. That made up 21.5% of his total earnings for that year alone.

Ozil’s biggest sponsorship deal is with Adidas despite his prior association with Nike. The German shoemaker has him tied down on a contract worth a reported €25m, which began during his Real Madrid days.

The Arsenal playmaker currently uses the Adidas Predator Precision David Beckham football boot for the 2019/20 season.

Aside from Adidas, Mesut featured in an advertisement alongside Tottenham captain Harry Kane and Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar for the 2018 World Cup.

Ozil has also been a brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz since 2016, using his social media channels to promote the German car manufacturer. It doesn’t hurt that he’s a known car-enthusiast either.

Although the relationship hit a boiling point following the player’s retirement from international football in 2018. He accused Mercedes omitting him from Germany’s World Cup promotions. This came following a meeting with Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan.

As of March 2020, Ozil has been an investor of Lewin Sports Injury Clinic. His former Arsenal team-mates Aaron Ramsey and Petr Cech are also investors in the London-based clinic.

How does Ozil spend his money?

After nearly seven years in London, Mesut Ozil has made the English capital his home. He currently lives in a £10m house, with a sprawling garden and a home-made cinema. It’s reportedly located next to Highgate Village and Hampstead Heath.

This six-bedroom detached house has a state of the art security system and marble imported from Turkey. In fact, most of the decor is influenced by Ozil’s Turkish heritage. He even has his brand logo all over the place, including the doors to the game and cinema rooms.

The German’s residence also contains three bathrooms, huge dining room and stylish modern-looking kitchen.

Probably due to his relationship with Mercedes, Ozil owns a G63 AMG and an S65 AMG. They are worth £143,305 and £183,000 respectively. He’s also been spotted behind the wheel of an Audi SUV and a Ferrari 458 Italia in London.

Charity work

Aside from all the luxuries money can buy him, however, Ozil is very active on the charity-front. He’s invested hundreds of thousands at least on helping combat poverty.

The World Cup winner even paid for 1,000 operations for children in need across the world on his wedding day to Amine Gulse in June 2019.

“I want to help people in need but I don’t want people to know I’m doing it,” Ozil said on The Times.

“Usually, I don’t like talking about it. I come from a background where you don’t show off the good things you do. It’s modesty.

“My aim is helping kids. Kids are the future. I love children. I’m thinking of my own childhood. I know where I’m from. If I wanted something, I couldn’t get it. Life wasn’t easy.

“Things I didn’t have in the past I try to give to kids. I know how it feels not to have things. We were poor but we had enough food to eat. It was a big family, four kids, and it was not like you could just go and buy something. But we had the essentials, the food.”

But while he does keep a low-profile on his charity work, Ozil is known to have provided funds for:

  • Meals for 100,000 homeless people in 16 refugee camps in Turkey and Syria.
  • Operations for ill children in Brazil, reportedly worth £240,000.
  • A football academy in Devrek, Turkey.
  • Arsenal jerseys and boots to a children’s football team in Kenya.

A children charity called Rays of Sunshine in London also works alongside Ozil. The Arsenal man even reserves five seats during matchdays at the Emirates Stadium for the charity.