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What number does Liverpool’s Wijnaldum wear and why?

Georginio Wijnaldum
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Liverpool Georginio Wijnaldum reveals the reason why he always wears a certain shirt number.

The Georginio Wijnaldum is a central midfielder. His position is traditionally a number six, or an eight, or perhaps a 16 or an 18.

The Netherlands and Liverpool central midfielder has always worn the number five jersey throughout his professional career.

The number five is often reserved for a center back.

Wijnaldum is aware of that, but there was a certain talismanic midfielder who bucked the trend.

When Zinedine Zidane moved to Real Madrid, he chose the number five as his shirt number.

The Frenchman was also Wijnaldum’s hero growing up.

Speaking to his fans in a live Q&A on Instagram he reveals all to his fans.

“Number five is a really special number for me.”

“It was my lucky number when I was young but also because my favorite player, Zinedine Zidane, was playing with number five.”

“I was really happy that I could start my professional career as number five.”

“Since then I’ve played with number five at Newcastle and when I came to Liverpool, the club basically kept number five for me.”

“I was really happy about that.”