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What’s it like to play at the European Championship?

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We take an in-depth look at several former stars and their experience playing the European Championship. Why is it important? 

Aside from the World Cup or Copa America, the European Championship is one of the most important international tournaments in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo is the latest example of a player who just became a true legend of this tournament after getting the all-time top-scorer’s record. Even though this was his final edition for Portugal, there are many great memories he will cherish for the rest of his life.

Ronaldo started his journey at the tender age of 18 years during the 2004 edition of the tournament. Since then, he already won the tournament once and made some impressive goals in the span of five different tournament editions. Back when he started his dream, Ronaldo had the same ambitions as the rest of the young players who are starting to represent their country at the European Championship. 

Former players’ testimony of playing the Euros. 

Even though we might get this type of testimony from Ronaldo in the future, we got a wonderful account of their Euros participation. We are talking about current and former players who lived the experience. Danny Welbeck and Adam Lallana explain what it means to represent England in this tournament. Angelo Ogbonna talks about the young player and his ambition to someday represent his country in this historic tournament.

Lukasz Fabianski explains the feeling of standing before the match to sing the national anthem of his country. And last but not least, William Carvalho talks about the unmatched sensation of winning the European Championship. He lifted the trophy back in 2016 alongside Cristiano Ronaldo. Betway put together these interviews that give us a better idea of the honor that brings playing such a prestigious tournament.