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What’s the best option for Gareth Bale’s future in football?

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Let’s go through the best options that Gareth Bale has to continue his career in football, there aren’t that many to choose from at this point.

Gareth Bale was one of the best players in the world when he first arrived at Real Madrid back in 2013, but his future has turned uncertain in recent years.

The Welsh player went from being considered Cristiano Ronaldo’s replacement to a player who can’t stop getting injured in a matter of years.

His situation in the Spanish club right now is very complicated, mostly due to his firm decision to not leave Los Blancos and wait until his contract expires.

Gareth’s determination against Zinedine Zidane would take him to not let the club take a single euro from a possible transfer, just because of how he was treated by the French manager.

We can’t forget that the player has the ability to leave Real Madrid for free exactly one year before his contract expires, Bale can sit down on the bench until that moment for all he cares.

Eden Hazard’s arrival is the latest setback in Gareth Bale’s future at the club, he wants to stay and ply but Zidane definitely doesn’t want him around anymore.

Agent Jonathan Barnett keeps talking about the player wishing for his relationship with the coach to improve, but his actions are those of a man who doesn’t want to play for the club anymore.

The options Gareth Bale has are few but some are interesting for him.

England seems like his most likely destination.

Real Madrid is so desperate to let Gareth Bale leave, that they would even be willing to let the player leave on a loan.

Zinedine Zidane actually believes that the Welshman is contaminating the dressing room with his negativity, which is something that the gaffer doesn’t want for this new project.

Manchester United appeared as the most obvious choice for Gareth Bale during the last couple of years but the player always rejected any offers.

However, things seem to have changed drastically this past season. The Red Devils don’t look so keen on buying the player anymore, mainly because of his latest injury track record.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has spoken to the club’s board and revealed that he prefers to bring less experienced players at a lower price who have a bright future ahead of them.

Gareth Bale is already considered a veteran in European football, his price is too elevated and he is no longer a guarantee for success.

Although Manchester United can’t really afford to make any demands about the players they want to sign, they still think that signing Gareth Bale would be a major risk for them.

The other option in England would be Tottenham, but they would only accept Bale if it was on a loan.

The other options besides English football.

Gareth Bale has to turn to the clubs from other countries in order to find an ideal place where he can continue his career.

There are only a handful of other clubs that would accept making Gareth Bale one of their own during the summer transfer window.

The most obvious choice would be Paris Saint-Germain, a club that never hesitates to bring any of the good players available and somewhere that could become important for Gareth Bale’s resume.

Money wouldn’t be an issue for the French giants, but the player doesn’t like that idea as much. The last but never least option Gareth Bale has, is Bundesliga’s Bayern Munich.

The Bavarian squad is known for reviving the careers of players who were considered flops and taking them back to stardom.

This is the same club that accepted Arjen Robben when no other club wanted him, the Dutch player responded by giving them their latest Champions League trophy back in 2013.

Gareth Bale could easily become the new version of Arjen Robben as he plays a similar position and still has a long career ahead of him as a veteran.

Bayern already has a loan experience with Real Madrid with James Rodriguez, which could also be an option with Gareth Bale.

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