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Where are they now? Top 6 new Lionel Messi’s since 2006

Where are they now? Top 6 new Lionel Messi's since 2006
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Where are they now? Here we tell you what happened to the top 6 young stars who were tipped to become the next Lionel Messi.

Anyone even remotely interested in football will know exactly who Lionel Messi is. The Argentine has dazzled fans with his god-given talents over the years, setting records nobody believed possible.

Thanks to Messi’s extraordinary talents, Barcelona have enjoyed more than their fair share of glory down the years. Around 33 trophies have come to Camp Nou, including 10 LaLiga titles and four Champions Leagues. Thus, everybody wants a piece of Messi for themselves.

But the six-time Ballon d’Or winner’s unwavering loyalty to the Blaugrana has left them with no other choice but to search for the next best thing: ‘The new Messi’.

15-year-old Luka Romero is the latest in a lengthy line of young talents to be compared to Leo. The Mallorca midfielder, dubbed as the ‘Mexican Messi’, recently became the youngest LaLiga debutant.

But what happened to the previous ones?

Here on Ronaldo.com, we answer this by giving you the top 6 young stars dubbed as the next Messi and tell you how their careers turned out.