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Which club will be next on Ronaldo’s impressive football resume?

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It’s time to give you a list of Cristiano Ronaldo’s possible destinations we can add to his already impressive football resume as a professional. 

Cristiano Ronaldo already has an impressive CV to brag about after living one of the most impressive careers in football history. Even though he is pushing 36 years of age already, nobody doubts he will still play at the highest level until he is 40. This means there is still a good amount of time we are getting with the best Cristiano Ronaldo at his best.

If this happens as the world expects, there’s no reason to think he won’t play for another football club in the near future. As a way to play with the odds a little bit, we decided to make a Top 5 list of the clubs where we believe he could play after leaving Juventus. You can check out Ronaldo’s resume down below, courtesy of our friends at CV Maker. 

5.- Bayern Munich

Hear us out a little bit. Despite knowing that Bayern Munich doesn’t historically pay a lot of money for veteran players, they might make an exception with Ronaldo. Plus, they wouldn’t have to pay much because Juventus don’t value him as expensive as he was when they first signed him. Bayern Munich is one of the biggest clubs in football history and signing Cristiano would be an absolute luxury for them. We place the Bavarians at number five because we think this is the least possible of all the options for Cristiano. 

4.- Inter Miami

David Beckham has been plotting a massive transfer plan for the time Ronaldo and Messi are ready to play in the MLS. His dream is to make every football fan’s dream come true by signing the two greatest ballers who ever lived. We are sure that none of them both would move away from the opportunity to play next to the greatest rival of their careers. This would be like Franz Beckenbauer and Johan Cruyff coming to America all over again. The only difference is that Ronaldo would play alongside Leo Messi. Playing in the MLS still seems a long time away but it’s still within the realm of possibility. 

3.- Sporting CP

Ending his career where the dream began is definitely something that attracts Cristiano Ronaldo. Sporting CP is the first club that gave him the chance to become a professional and he repeatedly said in the past he would like to give a little back to the club. Certainly, Sporting wouldn’t be able to pay his salary but Ronaldo wouldn’t mind lowering his expectations. This plan could be the way in which Cristiano decides to close the final chapter of his amazing career. Going back home never looked more glamorous for a football legend. 

2.- LA Galaxy

LA Galaxy
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If you didn’t like the idea of Ronaldo playing alongside Messi because you love the rivalry between them, here’s another option for you. The MLS having these two monsters playing against each other at the same time would be a dream come true for the US. Since Leo would likely play for David Beckham’s Inter Miami, Cristiano would like to follow Beckham’s footsteps as a player. The LA Galaxy is the perfect place for Cristiano to put an end to his amazing career and the rivalry against Messi would open the final chapter. It would be the Eastern vs the Western Conference of the greatest football rivalry that ever existed. 

1.- Manchester United

The true definition of going back home for Cristiano Ronaldo is the dream of returning to Manchester United. This is the club in which the Portuguese star became the best player in the world and a true football legend. Old Trafford is where all the magic began to happen for him and where he scored incredible goals.

Ronaldo keeps the Red Devils close to his heart, which means he wouldn’t mind ending his career there. Plus, the Glazer family can definitely pay his wages and they wouldn’t object. This would be Cristiano’s ultimate destination to continue his career. 

Up next, we leave you Cristiano Ronaldo’s impressive resume. Which club would you like adding to his already impressive history?