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Which team should Cristiano Ronaldo join?

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Cristiano Ronaldo has been one of the biggest stars in the entire sport of soccer and nothing has changed throughout the years.

He is now 37 years old and reportedly held talks with Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag as both Atletico Madrid and Bayern Munich have decided not to go after him. Ronaldo is one of the biggest stars in the sport and having him repping your favorite team’s jersey should be enough for ownership to go get him. He has one more year under contract for $26.5 million and the 2023-24 season is a club option for the same price. 

We are talking about Ronaldo’s contract with numbers that most of us will only see if we hit it big at a real money online casino because the numbers are unreal.  

What are the qualifications?

In a recent ESPN report, Ronaldo wants to play for a team that has qualified to play in the UEFA Champions League while Manchester United are slated to play in the Europa League. At 37 years old, he wants to compete for the top league, just like he has throughout his senior career.

There are some major teams that could really get a boost by having Ronaldo on their team, but what team can actually get him?

Atletico Madrid

According to Bet365 Sportsbook, Atletico Marid has the best odds of any non-Manchester United team of having Cristiano Ronaldo on their roster next season at +300. Atletico Madrid has placed Antoine Griezmann on the transfer market in an attempt to facilitate a potential move, as he is one of the most expensive players on their roster currently. 

I know that Atletico Madrid was one of Ronaldo’s biggest rivals throughout his career, but that does not matter in the sports world as much as it does for fans. The president of Atletico Madrid, Enrique Cerezo, stated that signing him is “practically impossible”, but tht could be a smoke screen right before a deal happens, as it has been throughout the world of sports to try to get some extra leverage. 

This seems like a perfect fit for both sides and I believe this is where Cristiano Ronaldo will spend the twilight of his career. 


There is a considerable gap in the betting market after Atletico Madrid, but there is definitely a shot that Ronaldo ends up joining Chelsea as they are +800 to land one of the greatest soccer players of all time before the season begins. I believe this is not going to happen as even the current head coach of Chelsea Thomas Tuchel has publicly stated that he has “little interest” to sign Ronaldo. However, there has not been a decision reportedly from his bosses as of now on which way they want to head. 

Chelsea has a brand new owner and is willing to spend money on transfers according to Portugese football expert Pedro Sepulveda, so the possibility is definitely there for Ronaldo to join the Blues this season, but I would not think that this is that likely. 


Whether you want to admit it or not, the only true option for Cristiano Ronaldo leaving Manchester United seems to be Atletico Madrid because I believe if Chelsea was trying to get him, the deal would have been made by now. Despite not wanting to play for any league other than the Premier League, Ronaldo is under contract that means he is signed to Manchester United. 

This is happening all over the world as the NBA is dealing with this with Kevin Durant but you have to honor a contract and unfortunately, that means you are bound to make mistakes. I do not see the potential transfer of Ronaldo to any team, but if it happens, it feels like Atletico Madrid is the only viable solution. Where do you want to see Cristiano Ronaldo play this upcoming season?