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Which team would benefit more from having CR7, PSG or Real Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo & Andrea Pirlo - Juventus
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What right now is a rumor, Cristiano Ronaldo wanting out of Juventus and looking for a new team to take him in, is now starting to take more and more force and beginning to create bigger shockwaves around the international soccer scene.

Soccer odds experts all around have all started to take notice of this news and odds as to which team CR7 would join if he were to leave Juventus have started surfacing, with the likes of Real Madrid, PSG and Manchester United all at the top of everyone’s lists.

Now, while a return to Manchester would be the perfect fairy tale ending to one of the greatest careers in Premier League history, as of right now seeing Ronaldo donning the “Red Devils” uniform is not really an image any serious soccer fans and experts see happening, which leave us with two teams, Real Madrid and PSG. Would a move back to Madrid be the best fit for Ronaldo? How about taking over the city of Paris, joining the likes of former Real Madrid partners Keylor Navas and Sergio Ramos? Let’s break down why each team would be CR7’s best option.

Real Madrid

In life and sports, just like in movies, sometimes sequels don’t necessarily have the same success as the first version of a story. Given the fact that rewriting CR7’s history and legacy with Spanish giants Real Madrid would be close to impossible, seeing him back playing in the Spanish capital doesn’t necessarily jump out as the most appealing option, at least from a fans perspective, that is unless you’re a diehard Real Madrid fan. Real Madrid clearly suffered a major setback after seeing Cristiano leave for the likes of Juventus, and even after bringing in players like Eden Hazard and David Alaba, and still milking as many goals as possible from Frenchman Karim Benzema, life has not been the same for the Spanish side. But now that they brought back coach Carlo Ancelotti to replace Zinedine Zidane, Ronaldo has been linked to a move back to Madrid, given the affinity he has with the Italian coaching legend.

 Would his move back to Madrid make sense? Not necessarily, especially taking into account that he would not be going back to the same team he left back in 2018, or even close. This Real Madrid team is a shadow of the dominant side it was during the 2010’s, that dominance mainly in part because of Ronaldo’s playing. While the return to Madrid would be seen more as a romantic move on both parts, taking Florentino Perez’s style of negotiating and running the team and CR7’s understanding of what his true value is, even if his age could be taken as a factor, into account, this would not necessarily pan out as Ronaldo’s best decision. While thinking about the idea of having a few more Messi vs. Ronaldo “Clásicos” before they both ride off into the sunset as two of the best players to ever play the game, sometimes there are stories that are better left in the past and this one feels like one of those.


Now, if CR7 wants one last challenge and in a team that is seriously hungry for UCL championship success, then going to France and joining Paris Saint Germain is clearly the way to go. It has become very clear that Mauricio Pochettino’s PSG squad wants to win the UEFA Champions League title badly and after bringing in a couple of players who know a thing or two about winning the UCL title, Sergio Ramos and Georgino Wijnaldum, bringing in CR7 to play alongside Neymar Jr. and company would be the best answer to try and fix the UCL title conundrum. It’s not hard to understand that any team that would want to pursue CR7 needs to have a huge pocket to fork over not just a transfer fee but also CR7’s very high salary, but if there’s a team that can take on that monetary challenge it’s PSG. Of course, for all this to happen, PSG would have to make room for CR7, which is why the idea of shipping out French mega-star Kylian M’bappe wouldn’t be as crazy as it seems. With Real Madrid knocking on the Parisian’s doors wondering about M’bappe, maybe sending him to Madrid for of course a hefty amount of money, allowing CR7 to come to Paris with ease would end up being a best case scenario for all parties involved.

Now, while France’s Ligue 1 might not offer Ronaldo the level of competitiveness he is used to, especially after playing in the Premier League, La Liga and the Serie A, at his age and already having proven everything any player would want and way more, going to France to focus on helping the Parisian giants finally conquer the UCL might just be enough of a challenge for CR7’s illustrious career.