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Who improved and who didn’t with Solskjaer at Man United

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It’s time to talk about the massive changes that several Man United players have gone through under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who improved and who didn’t.

The change that several Man United players went through with the transition from Jose Mourinho to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer in the manager’s seat, was something that affected the players in very different ways.

There is a part of footballers who completely benefited from Jose Mourinho’s departure and Ole’s arrival, and there is also an important part of players who didn’t take this transition too well.

We are happy to say that the change has been mostly positive in most of the players, but we are still going to talk about specific cases of the ones we think went through the most important transformations after the new manager arrived.

There are very specific situations that some players went through, in which we can simply remain in awe with how massive the change was when the Portuguese manager left the institution and the Norwegian boss took his spot.

There is also a very specific case in which a player decided to leave the club because he felt like there was nothing left for him at Manchester United, but we secretly wish he hadn’t made this decision because he truly was a player who always gave everything for the Red Devils despite always giving the impression that he wasn’t good enough.

Players who improved with Solskjaer

We will obviously start with the players who really improved under Ole Gunner Solskjaer and became very different footballers after Jose Mourinho left.

The very first mention here has to be Paul Pogba, the French footballer is a completely different player and he is finally proving why Manchester United decided to pay Juventus a steep €105 million for his transfer.

There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that Pogba wasn’t his true self under Jose Mourinho, he was a misunderstood genius who can finally say he has the freedom to express himself without anybody blocking his creativity.

Another player who drastically improved is Marcus Rashford, the young forward who seems destined for great things at Manchester United and already is the team’s top striker.

Ander Herrera is a player who always remained on the bench for Jose Mourinho, something that has drastically changed under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and has brought the Red Devils great results.

And last but not least, defender Phil Jones has improved his defensive stats under Solskjaer to the point where he has kept the starring role in the Norwegian’s starting XI.

Players who didn’t improve with Solskjaer

The players who didn’t seem to improve and some of them even got worse, are Alexis Sanchez for starters.

The Chilean winger seems destined to quit his job at Manchester United and try his luck in another club next summer, he simply can’t seem to deliver the same level of performance he reached at Arsenal but his problem appears to be more mental than anything else.

Romelu Lukaku’s issue seems to have more to do with Marcus Rashford playing his role in the squad, Lukaku is nowhere near as fast as the English youngster and he seems to be struggling in finding his ideal spot inside the pitch.

The final case of players who didn’t work after Mourinho left and Solskjaer came is Marouane Fellaini, the Belgian midfielder has a very specific situation as he simply didn’t count for the Norwegian manager after he arrived and decided to try his luck in a new club during the winter transfer window.

Fellaini is now playing for Chinese club Shandong Luneng Taishan F.C. But we have to be honest with this Belgian international, he did some great work at Manchester United and his exit had more to do with Ole’s taste in players than anything else.

Which other Manchester United players do you think improved or didn’t improve under the new manager? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.