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Who is the best player of the Premier League this season?

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With five matches left in the Premier League, we have to start talking about the best player of the competitions this season. We have a Top 3 for you.

It’s been a very competitive and exciting Premier League season so far and we already have an idea of who the best player is.

We still don’t know who will win the title by the end of the season but we can already pinpoint the three players who will get nominated for the individual awards.

Even though there are a few strikers who deserve to be a part of this list, we believe they will duke it out for the Golden Boot until the end.

Both the PFA and Premier League’s Player of the Year Award are accolades that should go to the footballers who had the best overall performance throughout the whole season.

This is the reason why we think there are three specific players who should be in the podium to receive this award and we know of one who will likely win both prizes.

We are going through each of the three names we picked and detail our reasoning behind the selection we made.

However, you may not agree with our predictions and we encourage you to let us know why in the comment section down below.