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Who is the GOAT, Messi and Ronaldo debate rolls on

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The great debate of who is the greatest Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo has taken another twist.

Ronaldo reached the landmark of 99 international goals for Portugal this week, while arch nemesis Messi sits on 70 goals.

The 99 puts Ronaldo second on the all-time list of goals scored for your country. He is behind Ali Daei.

Many feel that this feat gives him an edge of Argentine Messi, who has only bagged 70 international goals.

However, according to Mundo Deportivo, Messi is still ahead because of the quality of opposition against whom he has scored.

They said:

“Ronaldo has scored 99 goals with Portugal, only 28 of them (29%) have been against teams of the ‘Top 50’ in the world.

“In the case of Messi, 57 of his 70 goals have been against ‘Top 50’ (82%).”

The claim that the credibility of Ronaldo’s feat is further provided when you consider the goals to game ratio.

At the International level, Ronaldo’s is almost a 60 percent return, while Messi’s is only 50 percent.

No matter what way you dissect and inspect the facts and the figures, both players demonstrate remarkable achievements for their respective counties.

However,  I think Ronaldo has it on this one.