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Who is the Ronaldo of other sports?

Cristiano Ronaldo - Portugal
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To quote Ronaldo, ‘I am the best player in history, in the good moments and the bad ones… I have always thought that.’

Nowadays, it’s pretty difficult to argue with the football legend. Fans of Ronaldo will know that he is the best footballer in history, but do other sports have an equivalent to CR7? Not every sport can have its own Ronaldo, but if they did, these figures would be clear contenders.

Horse racing

For those about to wager on horse racing odds, there is no safer bet than Battaash, undoubtedly the best horse in the game right now. The Irish-bred British-trained thoroughbred is a specialized sprinter who raced 48.63mph at Goodwood in 2019. Widely regarded as a ‘horse of a lifetime’ by everyone who rides or trains him. He has everything that a premier racehorse could need: superior breeding; a super-fast pace; an abundance of energy and good behaviour.


The revolving door of the Official World Golfing Rankings has a new first-place titleholder, Dustin Johnson. Johnson jumped three places, from number four to number one in the rankings, becoming the fifth winner to hold the number one title this year. The American golfer has an impressive driving distance of 333.8, a driving accuracy percentage of 46.43% and a greens in regulation percentage of 58.33%. 


If any sport has its own Cristiano Ronaldo, it would be basketball with LeBron James. Even at 35, James continues to improve his game to make sure he will remain basketball’s most iconic player for years to come. In fact, James managed to score a career-high of 10.2 assists in his 17th season, the stage at which most players would be past their prime. James brings nothing less than expert technique and all-round athleticism to every game he plays, which is why his career numbers (27-7-7) are the best in the business. 


It is easy to see how Semi Radradra’s talent on the rugby pitch echoes the impact of Ronaldo on the football field. Experts frequently comment on Radradra’s prowess saying, ‘he is able to change a game single-handedly like no other player in the sport… you expect something to happen every time he gets the ball and it generally does.’ Nowhere did Radradra display more skill for the game than in the Rugby World Cup, where he made an average advance of 400 metres.

Men’s tennis

While Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer have shown their strengths, there is no better player than Novak Djokovic in the world of men’s grass court tennis right now. Winning almost 96% of his matches, Djokovic has only lost one of his 11 games with Nadal and Federer. Djokovic has a 4-1 win record over Federer and a hugely impressive 6-0 record against Nadal, in either finial or semi-final matches. Despite the fact that Nadal and Federer have won more Grand Slams than Djokovic, he is still widely considered the best men’s tennis player of 2020. It is his almost robotic gameplay, his athletic endurance and inner strength that sets him apart from any competition.