We go through the details of which club needs Neymar the most for this new season, either Real Madrid or FC Barcelona.

Given how complicated the climate is with Neymar and his decision to play for Barcelona or Real Madrid, we need to discuss several things.

The Brazilian player’s situation with PSG has reached a point of no return, the French club’s fans are fed up with his constant disrespect against the institution.

There is no way that the Brazilian player will remain in France, which leaves the doors wide open for both Real Madrid and FC Barcelona.

But this begs the question about how much both clubs actually need Neymar by their side. Currently, the star has other offers that are different from these two squads.

The Brazil player has an offer from China, another one from Italy, and another one from England to arrive in the Premier League in January.

The problem is that Neymar already made his choice, he wants to go back to the Spanish La Liga.

With all this in mind, we have to talk about the question that everybody has on their mind. Which of these two Spanish clubs actually needs Neymar the most?

It’s going to be either Real Madrid or FC Barcelona. We will try to make a retelling of the situation that the player has with each club, we will tell you which one has the bigger options to sign him and where Neymar actually wants to go.

Neymar’s options for Real Madrid.

We all know how long Florentino Perez has remained hopeful of signing Neymar for Real Madrid, but the truth is that Los Blancos have never been the first option for him.

The only reason he is currently considering a move to this club, is due to PSG’s negativity against FC Barcelona.

Perez knows that Nasser Al-Khelaifi would be more willing to sell Neymar to him than Bartomeu, but he won’t do it unless he gets a proper €200 million offer.

As things stand right now, Real Madrid must get that money by selling at least three players before going after Neymar.

These names are Gareth Bale, Mariano, and James Rodriguez. The French giants don’t really want any players from the club as part of a trade, all they care is about money at this point.

If Florentino gets to sell all three players for that price, then he would go with money in hand and make a final offer for Neymar.

The biggest issue here is that the player wants to leave within a week.

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Things escalated against him in the club very quickly and he doesn’t want to spend a single more minute as a PSG player.

We will hear from Real Madrid’s resolution not further than that.

Neymar’s options for Barcelona.

We all believed that this option wouldn’t be possible anymore for Neymar, but the player’s determination to play there is stronger than ever.

All he cares about is playing for Barcelona, he wants to reunite with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

In fact, the Argentine plays an important role in his return as Marca reports. Allegedly, Leo gave Neymar a call this Monday in order to convince him to not sign for Real Madrid and go back to Barcelona.

There was a report that both clubs had a meeting this Monday in order to unlock the negotiations, they were completely still last week.

PSG accepted they are willing to get Philippe Coutinho as part of the negotiation, but they also want money with the player.

Barcelona is only looking at a swap deal of two players for Neymar, and they currently aren’t keen on offering any money for the star.

In the end, the bottom line is that Neymar would help out Real Madrid far more than he would help out Barcelona.

The Catalan club currently has all the positions they need, but they would like to sign Neymar just because they want to prevent Los Blancos from getting him.

Zidane’s squad would be the most benefited party out of Neymar’s transfer, they would become an instant title contender if they bought him.

Where should Neymar go, Real Madrid or FC Barcelona? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.


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