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Why Arturo Vidal’s transfer to Barcelona is a bad idea

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As La Liga’s season is getting closer, we discuss the reasons Arturo Vidal’s transfer from Bayern Munchen to FC Barcelona is a bad move for the Catalan club.

This past weekend was big for FC Barcelona’s transfer department, they made Arturo Vidal’s arrival official in a €20 million deal coming from Bayern Munchen that left many of the Barça fans and the press members confused. The Spanish club’s philosophy is far from the style of football that Arturo Vidal represents, his performances sum up to a more defensive position on the pitch and a very risky way of going to fight for the ball every time he goes in to make a recovery.
Vidal’s style of play is a lot less elegant than that of Sergio Busquets’ and completely contradicts the club’s two previous midfield maestros like Iniesta and Xavi that gave the club so many happy moments in the last decade. But there are other reasons why practically everyone thinks Vidal’s arrival is a bad idea for FC Barcelona, we took the time to list a few for you to judge and analyze with us in this piece that should give you a better idea of what’s in store for FC Barcelona’s most recent arrival: Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal.

A problematic player.

Arturo Vidal’s public life has been well documented over the past few years, he has been part of many problems with his club and country but has never really been properly disciplined for them. The player’s issues date all the way back to 2007 when he represented Chile in the U-20 World Cup in Canada, Vidal was part of a group of players that fought the local police right after losing the semifinals against Leo Messi’s Argentina. Several players were apprehended during that incident including Arturo, he accused the officers of using racial slurs and violence against him and his teammates.
The Chilean midfielder also has several issues related to alcohol and parties while working for his clubs and representing his national team, whether he is involved in fights at nightclubs or in car accidents, Vidal is always in the center of these problems that have never left his side. This is the kind of player that FC Barcelona has signed, he shows unacceptable conduct everywhere he goes and doesn’t seem to regret because he keeps making the same mistakes repeatedly.

Injury prone Arturo.

Vidal is just coming out of a nasty knee injury he suffered playing for Bayern Munchen and it’s still not clear if he has recovered completely from it. FC Barcelona has decided to sign him despite the warnings that usually come with a pro who has been through such a complicated recovery process. However, the Catalan club seems to care very little about this issue and truly believes that Arturo will overcome such an obstacle despite already being 31.
With this listed issue also his advanced age for a football player, Vidal has entered the latest stages of his career and it’s hard to tell if he will deliver the same level that brought him to conquer two straight Copa America trophies with Chile or the titles he won playing for both Bayern and Juventus. As of right now before La Liga season starts, there is a lot of concern in Barcelona because there is a feeling that the board of directors is not doing their job properly and this could end up in a disaster for them.

But at least Vidal has all the support from his peers and his manager, coach Ernesto Valverde said this about the Catalan club’s latest transfer: “I accept everyone’s opinion. But there was a lot of criticism [about the signing of] Paulinho last year, too, before he’d even played one minute for us. And look how that turned out. At a club like [Barcelona], there’s room for everything, for different styles. It’s true that some players mark our style more than others. But players like Vidal can enrich our style. I like the fact he’s a warrior. He’s someone that’s aggressive on the pitch and his spirit will be contagious for the rest of the players. He can add energy in midfield, he can get forward, apply pressure, score goals… And we hope he can add all of that, while noting that his profile, as was the case with Paulinho is different to what we have — which is important,” said the coach during a press conference during this week’s summer tour.

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