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Why Is Cristiano Ronaldo one of the Greatest Athletes of the 21st Century?

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The legacy of professional sports is studded with men and women who have put down their markers and engraved their names in gold in their respective areas. Hence, attempting to label a specific athlete as the finest in history is a risky proposition.

While different times and sports restrictions make it nearly impossible to distinguish one athlete from another, we can only assume based on career routes and achievements. 

This article will make a credible argument for Cristiano Ronaldo to be regarded as the best athlete in history in all significant sports, using only a few criteria. As you wait for the new season to start, you can visit www.netti-kasino.org to get some thrills and enjoy the casino game.

Longevity at the Pinnacle

Cristiano Ronaldo arrived at Old Trafford in 2003. The club’s legacy and status immediately propelled the Portuguese youngster into the spotlight. While Manchester United have been one of the most successful clubs in football history, during the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, the Red Devils were expected to win all of the games and trophies they competed for.

This is the responsibility and expectation that comes with becoming a world-class footballer. Surprisingly, Cristiano found himself in this situation at the mere age of 19 after moving from Sporting Lisbon to Manchester United.

Remarkably, the 37-year-old has not only flourished at the pinnacle of success but has continued to do so well into his fourth decade.

Desire and Dedication

The former Real Madrid star has an insatiable desire to be the greatest of all time.

There is little debate that Ronaldo is hardly his generation’s most naturally talented or technically skilled player. In fact, several of his contemporaries easily outperform Ronaldo in those categories.

However, nobody can argue that Ronaldo’s passion and self-belief are leaps and bounds ahead of anybody else in football history. The Portuguese had set a target for himself to be the world’s best from a young age, grinding rigorously to turn his goals into a reality.

Not only has his aim of being the world’s best player come true, but it has also been exceeded, as Ronaldo ranks among the best players in football history.

His Motivation

Cristiano Ronaldo is a worldwide icon. He is not only very driven in his career, but he also balances that with a passion for staying at the forefront that is possibly unrivaled anywhere in the globe. Today, he is the most followed star on Instagram, with over 460 million followers. 

In 2008, the five-time UEFA Champions League winner was voted the best player in the world, leading to a world record transfer to Real Madrid, along with acclaim, riches, and power.

The Portuguese star has transformed from a footballer to one of the world’s most instantly recognizable individuals. A cultural icon whose endorsement is worth millions of dollars, causing many global corporations to want to be affiliated with the CR7 label.

As we have seen repeatedly in other professions and disciplines, after a couple of years of being a global superstar and doing it all, an average person would have taken a back seat to celebrating their accomplishments. Similarly, Ronaldo might have been justified if he had followed suit. However, even after being 37 years old, when most football players retire, CR7 is nowhere close to stopping. 

Ronaldo Has Consistently Outperformed Throughout His Career

An athlete or performer in any other subject cannot credibly claim to be the best in their field unless they have a track record of greatness, right? It is here that Ronaldo has the statistics and accomplishments to back up his claim.

With nearly 600 goals, the Portuguese star is one of the best goal scorers in history and the highest all-time goalscorer for the most successful club in the world, Real Madrid. This doesn’t stop here! He is also the top scorer for his national team, the Portugal national team, and the European international scene, among others. He has an infinite number of accolades and milestones to his name, which few can claim.

Cristiano’s statistics in front of goals are mind-blowing, and he manages to smash in goals while making them look effortless and transcending logic.

Furthermore, the five-time Ballon d’Or winner’s brilliance extends beyond goals. He has established a knack for performing when it counts the most, with the legendary Real Madrid number 7 being one of the most incredible big game players in history.

Ronaldo’s success in football, and any other discipline, can hardly be replicated by a couple of players throughout history. Moreover, having beaten all records in the game, it is only natural for the legendary Portuguese to be regarded as one of the greatest athletes of all time.