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Why is it taking Pogba so long to recover – he explains

Paul Pogba, Manchester united
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Paul Pogba has sat down to explain just why it is taking him so long to recover from his latest injury.

Paul Pogba has only made seven appearances for Manchester United this season. He has already been out for an extended period of time through an ankle injury.

The French World Cup winner underwent surgery to fix the problem but is still unavailable indefinitely.

While many suggest he is dragging his feet to avoid playing for United again, the former Juventus star has a more plausible explanation.

The United star met with former heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko to discuss just why it is taking so long to get back.

In the interview reported by The Manchester Evening News, Pogba insists he doesn’t want to “just come back” he wants to come back “better” than before.

He said:

“Obviously it is something which will happen.”

“You have to get ready for that.”

“It can be very bad, or it can be a small injury. The most important thing is to come back and not to get injured again.”

“So come back stronger, be careful not coming back too early and then obviously going back on the pitch and being better than when you left.”

“That is my mindset and I will carry on doing this.”

“The injury that I had was a twisted ankle, someone tackled me from behind, so it’s not something you can prevent.”

“Muscle injuries, often they are with what you eat, the recovery, too much training, and the sleeping.”

“If you don’t sleep enough you could get muscle soreness and muscle injuries.”

“You have to eat healthily, rest a lot as well, train, get strength on your muscles to prevent those injuries.”

“After that, you won’t get injured if you have those categories on point.”

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