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Why is Point Spreads one of the most popular football betting types?

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Point Spread betting is the most commonly used type of sports betting.

It is a popular betting type for sports games like football & basketball. This article will explain everything in detail about the Point Spread betting for football & basketball.

Point Spreads Betting

A bet on the margin of victory in a sports game is known as a point spread. In both basketball and football, it is the most common wagering option. Depending on the skill difference between the two teams, the stronger team or player will be favored by a particular number of points.

  • The team with a minus symbol (-) is the favorite.
  • A plus sign (+) denotes an underdog team.

How do they work?

Point spreads are best understood by visualizing them.

Example 1:

Take the Super Bowl in 2022 as an illustration:

Bengals +4.5, Rams -4.5 (must win by a margin of at least five) (can win or lose by 1-4 points)

Score: Bengals spread bettors would win their wagers if the Rams defeated the Bengals 27–24. Rams spread bettors would make money if the Rams won 30–20.

Example 2:

Using the NFL’s Week 11 in 2021 as an example:

Bills -13.5 (win by at least 14 points)

Jets +13.5 (can lose by 1-13 or win)

Score: 45 BUF to 17 NYJ (Bills cover -13.5 because they won by 28)

Spread Mean Covering

Another expression for a team winning a point spread wager is “covering the spread.” The Bills were a -13.5 favorite in the previous game, which indicates that they covered the spread.

If the Jets (+13.5) fell by 13 points or fewer or won the game, they covered the spread.


The acronym ATS means “against the spread.” Therefore, a record against the spread is just a list of wins and losses.

What Does -110 Mean?

The number next to the spread indicates the juice for the wager. The sportsbook takes a 10% commission because most spread bets will be -110. This implies that you must stake $1.10 for every $1 you wish to win. Therefore, you must stake $22 to win $20 on a wager.

JUICE: Juice, commonly referred to as “vig,” is the fee a sportsbook maintains for accepting your wager.

The winner of a $10 point spread wager with a friend receives an additional $10. However, when you place a wager at a sportsbook, you must pay the book a commission for accepting your wager; as a result, your $10 wager would only result in a payout of $9.09.

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How To Make A Spread Bet?

Here We are going to discuss  how to make a spread bet 

  • Navigate to the sport of your choice.
  • In the game module, click the spread you want to wager on (it will be lined up with the team you want to bet on).
  • Go to the bet slip on the page’s right side (on your phone, it will pop up automatically).
  • After logging in, place your bet by clicking “Login to Place Bet.”

How To Calculate & Create Point Spreads?

We give you the simplest steps to calculate and make point spreads

STEP-1: Before the season begins, oddsmakers create mathematically based ratings for each club and adjust them with the game’s progress.

STEP-2: They calculate a point spread before a game using those ratings and information on home-field advantage, rest, and injuries.

STEP-3: Bettors then begin gambling on that initial point spread, which will impact the spread and shift it to the most accurate possible amount.

STEP-4: Most sportsbooks imitate the movement they see in market-making books and do not develop their lines.

Concerning betting on US sports, particularly football, point spreads are among the most popular bets. Practically all American football bettors have employed point spreads at some point. The reason they are so simple to understand is the straightforward solution. Simple bets are ALWAYS attractive, especially to casual gamblers. Football point spreads are the ideal wager for those who gamble for pleasure because they don’t want to waste too much time or effort worrying about the bets they will make. When choosing, they don’t have to give it any thought. They have a strong probability of winning even if they are merely guessing because they have a nearly 50/50 chance of choosing the correct result.

This takes us to the second justification for why football point spreads are popular. They are usually thought to be relatively simple to profit from. As we just mentioned, a point spread wager has a roughly 50% chance of success. The majority of gamblers should therefore expect to win such bets fairly frequently. Then they persuade themselves that profiting from point-spread bets isn’t that difficult to achieve.

Significance of Point Spreads

  • To level the playing field between the two teams for potential bettors, the point spread uses the scoring units used in each sport (such as points, goals, runs, etc.) and projects the winning margin.
  • The variations aren’t usually big, but they’re significant enough to matter. You can place bets that offer the best value by taking the time to compare the options. Even a half-point increase in the spread can be the difference between winning and losing a gamble.

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Although it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact reasons behind point spreads’ popularity, there are undoubtedly many of them. Point spreads are extremely straightforward. Point spreads increase the appeal of betting on “lopsided” contests. The belief is that profiting from point spreads is simple. You should be able to properly bet the point spread if you are interested in placing wagers on football. In terms of the possibility of winning money, it may not be the “greatest” sort of wager, but it is pretty easy to use and does offer some lucrative opportunities if you know what you’re doing.