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Why Lampard’s Chelsea lose easily to soft teams

Chelsea Frank Lampard Willian

To say the least, Frank Lampard’s team have been unimpressive at home. Not keeping their end of the bargain as they lose to midtable and elite Premier League sides alike.

Chelsea do not lose at home. At least they didn’t. They have the statistics that puts them as one of the best home sides of the Premier League era. But not this Blues team.

Frank Lampard’s side are a team in transition, and it shows in their performances. Especially at home. Mixes results have cost them points, which can come back to haunt them.

Their poor run of for the Stamford Bridge has allowed the likes of Sheffield United, Tottenham and Manchester United to make a run for their top-four position. And if that run of form is not halted any time soon, fight for Champions League is going to turn into a scrap.

Uneven squad mix

The mixture of youth and experience should play in Chelsea’s favor. And it did for a good couple of months. But not at the moment. While the likes of Willian and Azpilicueta have stepped up their game.

But Chelsea’s youth have been found wanting as the fixture list piled on. And this has been evident in the Premier League. From their 10 games at the Bridge, Chelsea have won four, lost four and drawn two. A great set of result for a relegation threatened side, but not for Champions League qualification.

Failure to unlock defenses

Manchester United’s uni-dimensional approach has been found wanting this season. Teams dig in and the Red Devils cannot unlock their defenses. The same is true for Chelsea.

Defeats to Southampton, West Ham and Watford showed that the Blues lack the creativity to negotiate teams sitting in. And as the games go on, and frustration builds on, Lampard’s team have been hit. Play on the counter and you will survive against Chelsea.

This is the game plan and it has worked to perfection. Chelsea have given struggling teams a new lease of life, and they are accepting it with open arms.

No one in the box

Tammy Abraham was tasked to lead the lines for the Blues and he has done his job. While Abraham has hit the back of the net, his fellows have been found wanting.

Chelsea are great from the wings but do not get enough players in the box. The more players in the box, the greater your ability to make anything out of an opportunity. But the Blues do not have those players.

When the full-backs have threatened to score from wide positions, the center has been caught napping. Goals have been conceded with relative ease. And it is a cause of concern.

Frank Lampard turned the tide with a 3-0 win over Burnley but its just the start.