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Why won’t Manchester United sack Jose Mourinho?

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It’s more than obvious. The time has come for Jose Mourinho to leave Manchester United. The results are not there, the players are not having fun and the entire situation is a mess. So why won’t United sack their Portuguese manager?

We’ve heard justifications, we’ve heard statements of support, we’ve heard excuses, but behind all of those lies the truth, which is Jose Mourinho recently signed a new contract. Firing him would cost Manchester United a fortune. Due to that fact, his leash is as long as it could possibly be. It is why he acts so casually during his press conferences and gives answers such as “some care more than others” as if it’s not his job to make them care.

Glenn Hoddle agrees with this assessment. This is what he said in an interview for TalkSport:

“United have got to think very deeply how they are going to deal with this. They don’t want to sack him – he’s just signed a new contract!
“To me, it seems 50 per cent of that group of players are not really chomping on the bit or enjoying their football.

“They should be doing it for themselves and the club, and if they like the manager and they do it for the manager as well that’s an added bonus.
“But I don’t see that at the moment.
“United look as though they are playing with chains on.”

The reality is that Mourinho encountered a player in Paul Pogba who’s not willing to succumb to his whims. Pogba knows he’s the star of the team and as such Manchester can’t afford to lose him. He also has a cocky attitude which grew in confidence following the World Cup. The Frenchman is the type of person who will not back down when he thinks he’s right and in this case, Pogba is convinced he is. Considering the rumours circulating around, he’s not the only one.

Plenty of players in Manchester United’s locker room want to play offensive football and attack when they’re at home. Mourinho’s preference for tactical football annoys them. It annoys Pogba most of all, because he’s not having fun on the pitch. Instead of re-thinking his position and contemplating his players’ opinion, Jose Mourinho stubbornly sticks to his guns and chooses to fight the player who doesn’t bow to his will. By doing so, he has put his personal feelings over club success. In most cases, that would result in a sack, but not here. Ed Woodward didn’t want to spend a penny on the free agent market. Why would he give millions to Mourinho to leave?

Chelsea owed Conte a lot as well, but they pulled the trigger once they realized his time at the club ran out. It was a messy divorce, but it resulted in The Blues hiring Maurizio Sarri and they are now reaping the rewards. Like it or not, it’s time for Woodward to open up his wallet. Otherwise, he might leave town faster than his employee. After all, Mourinho always gets what he wants, and at the moment, it looks like what he wants is to get sacked.