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Wijnaldum talks about Liverpool’s big win against Sheffield

Georginio Wijnaldum, Liverpool, Premier League
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Liverpool managed to get out a win against the fierce Sheffield United yesterday.

After a perfect start to the season, Klopp’s men faced their toughest challenge yet.

Perhaps it wasn’t expected, but Sheffield United put up a big fight against the current champions of Europe.

Liverpool is now looking to end the 30-year drought of not winning the English first division.

It looks like they’ve never looked this good in the 30-year period.

Liverpool look very stable at the back, and everyone is chipping in to score for The Reds in the league this season.

Perhaps the only slip-up happened against Napoli in the Champions League. However, after conquering Europe, Liverpool is fully focused on getting the glory at home.

Yesterday’s hero who made it 1-0 wasn’t Salah, nor Mane or Firmino. Instead, it was the unlikely, hard-working midfielder – Georginio Wijnaldum.

Wijnaldum took a brave shot, which ended up in Henderson’s goal after the goalkeeper’s blunder.

Blunder or not, nobody can take away Wijnaldum’s importance in a huge win yesterday.

Wijnaldum talked about his goal and Liverpool’s league chances after the match. According to football365, he said:

“Every win feels like a big win now. This was really difficult but we still won it.

“You see we make progression with what we did. Back in previous years we had to play good to win the games. Now we play bad and still win games.

“When you come to teams like this it is always going to be hard. We went to Burnley back in the day and it was really difficult.”

Wijnaldum mentioned the word progress often, perhaps as a sign that Liverpool are indeed ready to get the Premier League title:

“This season we won there but that was also because we put a lot of effort in. On the other side we also know we have the quality to play.

“I think progress we have made is that we win the games we haven’t played well in.

“Even last season, towards the end, we didn’t play really good but we were just trying to collect as many points as possible.

“Hopefully when we don’t play well we can still win games.

“Up to now it has been good but we have to make sure it stays like that. We still have to have the progression and do even better.”

Liverpool will welcome the rising Leicester in the next week’s fixture, but they’ll have to play the Champions League match against Salzburg at the Anfield first.