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Wijnaldum threatens to walk off the pitch in case of racism

Crystal Palace v Liverpool FC - Premier League
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Georginio Wijnaldum has declared that he will take actions against racism if it were to happen.

Liverpool midfielder Gergino WIjnaldum has strict policies regarding racism. The 29-year old insisted that he would stop playing and march off to the stands if he were to become a subject of any such abuse.

As reported by CNN, Wijnaldum recalled a conversation with his Dutch teammate Memphis Depay. The pair talked about how people seem to underestimate the effect of racism on footballers.

“Memphis Depay said it in the conversation that I had with him, really good, that a lot of people don’t understand the pain you feel as a black player if you get abuse,” he told.

“Yeah, I would,” Wijnaldum replied when asked if he would walk off the pitch.

“Why should I play, in that case? I think everyone should do it. That’s the way you support another person, because why should you go on?

“If you go on it will never stop, because the people will think: ‘Okay, we will abuse the player, they will go inside, we will stop a little bit, but they will come outside again, we will play the game, so why should we stop?’”

The Netherlands international said that his attitude would remain the same even if it was in a final. Wijnaldum reminded that the feelings of the players should always come first.

“Yeah, I would, for sure, because those things, in my opinion, cannot happen.

“Everyone will have their own opinion about it, but in my opinion, you should also protect the players.”