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Wild video – football gone mad as players and fans fight

Crowd trouble video
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This video demonstrates the insanity gripping football today as players and fans end up having a punch up during a game.

It was a game between Ballymena United and Warrenpoint Town in the sixth round of the Irish Cup.

It was battle for a place in the quarter-finals of the competition, and one that was apparently poised on a knife-edge.

With honors, all even and the game entering the latter stages, Ballymena’s Andy McGrory grabbed a late winner.

This is when things took a turn for the worst.

Only moments after the goal was scored, Warrenpoint keeper Mark Byrne goes into the crowd.

Punches start flying, arms are just flailing everywhere. There is lots of pushing and shoving, more players get involved, more fans get involved the advertising boards get smashed. It spills onto the field of play.

Total chaos ensues, what is the world of football coming too?

The Irish FA described the incident to the BBC as “unacceptable spectator behavior.”

My question what on earth is the keeper doing going into the crowd? It was all very Eric Cantona at Crystal Palace back in 1995.

Check out the carnage for yourself!