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Will Cristiano Ronaldo score 800 senior goals before retirement?

Cristiano Ronaldo, world's best striker
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At some point over the next three or four years, perhaps sooner, Cristiano Ronaldo will retire from football.

He turns 36 this season, and it is highly unlikely that we will see him on the field in his 40s. We don’t know when he will retire, but we do know that he will do it on his own terms.

In terms of international football, we have two major tournaments coming up in the next two years, they could persuade Ronaldo to remain playing until after those. Euro 2020 was delayed earlier this year, and has been pushed back into the summer of 2021, then a year after that we have the World Cup of 2022 in Qatar.

Let’s assume that Ronaldo stays fit, and plays on a regular basis between now and the 2022 World Cup, including in these two tournaments. If that is the case, then he is sure to score goals, and if that is the case, then can he get up to 800 senior goals?

Current goals total

As things stand at this moment, Ronaldo has 101 international senior goals for Portugal from 167 games. As a stand-alone figure, it is exceptional that he has scored over 100 goals for his country, and he is surely going to add to that this year and then into the next two years with major championships and qualifying events taking place.

The best chance to reach the magical 800 number of course comes with club football. As a senior professional, Ronaldo currently has 641 goals, spread across his time at Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United, Real Madrid and most recently, Juventus.

641 club goals plus his 101 international goals gives a total of 742 at the moment. He scored just under 40 goals for Juventus last season, if he gets close to that again, even without any international goals at Euro 2020 next season, he will be up around 780 goals, leaving 20 to go.

It seems the only way that he doesn’t hit 800 is by either retiring early or if serious injuries prevented him from playing major parts of this season or next.

Cristiano Ronaldo
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When will Ronaldo hit 800?

There would be no better stage for him to do this than at the Euro 2020 tournament next summer, when the entire world is watching what this special player does. There will no doubt be people out there happy to use mobile betting offers to back Portugal for success next summer, because Ronaldo is on their team.

However, the chances are that he will fall just short then, unless he has a fantastic goalscoring season for Juventus this season in Italy.

The chances are that his 800th goal will come in domestic football at the start of next season sometime, which would be a lower key event, but certainly one still worth celebrating.

Assuming the Portuguese superstar remains free of injury, it seems as though it is a matter of when and not if he scores 800 senior goals in his career. Expect it to happen around a year from now, but knowing how much he loves the big stage, don’t be surprised if this happens at Euro 2020, it would certainly be fitting.