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Will Ravel Morrison shine in Sweden?

ROME, ITALY - OCTOBER 01: Ravel Morrison of SS Lazio looks on before the UEFA Europa League group G match between SS Lazio and AS Saint-Etienne at Olimpico Stadium on October 1, 2015 in Rome, Italy. (Photo by Paolo Bruno/Getty Images)
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The once called Manchester United wonderkid has been around the world trying to impress his coaches and show his talent in football.

Ravel Morrison was once called the Manchester United wonderkid when he left the Red Devils’ youth system to join the senior squad.

But with only three appearances in two years in the FA Cup for United, he was promptly sold to West Ham United.

He was loaned to Birmingham City, Queens Park Rangers, and Cardiff City before leaving for Lazio in the Italian Lega Serie A.

There, he was once again loaned to QPR and Atlas in Mexico, until Swedish club Ostersund bought him.

And the promising midfielder wants to return to the spotlight and hopes he can do it at his new team.

“He hasn’t got the credit he deserves for signing for one of the top clubs in Europe in Lazio and then he went to Mexico and did fantastic there – and it is no joke to go to Mexico and perform,” Ostersund coach Ian Burchnall told Sky Sports.

“Not many people have spoken about it but he has done fantastic in Mexico, now he just needs to get fit and playing again as he’s had a period of not playing at Lazio.”

“He’s come in here and been humble, gone straight in as part of the group, trained hard and I think the way we play football, combined with there being English people here makes it a comfortable one to come in,” he added.

“We’re a club that’s quite open, we saw he wasn’t playing in his respective team. If he went to a team in the Championship club in January, he hadn’t played football for a long while and maybe that wasn’t the best thing for him to do.”

“If he hasn’t played for eight months, the best thing is to no go into a game at a high level, it’s better to build yourself and rediscover where you want to be at,” he commented.

“I read on social media and people write comments about him, it’s actually a very mature decision to go to the top league in Sweden to enjoy playing football, get back on the pitch and build yourself up; kudos to the club to attract a player like Ravel and a mature statement about where he’s at.”