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Willian gives his opinion on the best-ever – and it’s not Messi or Ronaldo

Willian, Chelsea, Premier League
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Chelsea’s ace Willian is playing an important part for the Blues this season, throwing his veteran leadership into the mix.

Willian’s performances this season caught Barcelona’s eye.

The Catalans are keen to bring in the Brazilian, impressed by his outings at Chelsea.

Willian himself has a sentimental connection to Barcelona, too. Namely, he grew up idolizing Ronaldinho, who played his best football at Barca.

Not only that, but Willian claims that Ronaldinho is the best ever:

“Ronaldinho was the best of them all,” Willian said, according to Marca.

“Better than Cristiano [Ronaldo] and Messi.

“They score a lot of goals, but what Ronnie was doing was amazing.

“He was amazing on the pitch, and he also scored goals.

“As a fan of his, I think he stopped too soon.

“If Ronaldinho had continued to play like this for a couple more years, he would have been the best in the world on three, four or five occasions.

“He was twice, and then I don’t know what happened.”He was my biggest idol in football.”

Ronaldinho at his peak was something special. Even though it didn’t last long, anyone who ever watched Ronaldinho knows that nobody comes close in regards to the excitement and joy.