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Willian wants to play longer for Chelsea

Willian, Chelsea, Premier League
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The Blues forward, Brazilian striker Willian, believes he could make another 300 appearances for his team as his contract runs down.

Brazilian attacker Willian has been playing for Chelsea since 2013.

And he has already surpassed the 301 appearances for his English Premier League club in different competitions.

This is why he believes he can still make another 300 appearances as his contract runs down.

“I always believed I could play so many games. I had to believe,” he was quoted by The Daily Mail.

“It’s difficult to achieve this number, especially when you play for a big club like Chelsea because there are many, many players that are fighting for the same position. It was a challenge for me.”

He explained: “In football, you have to prove yourself every day, in every game. When you stop doing that you have to stop playing. You have to prove it to yourself as well. I have done that.”

“I have been here already for six years, I have had different managers, different players in the squad, and I was proving every training session, every game, that I can play many, many years for this club.”

“I think I have improved a lot. Every game you can learn from. Then after every game you ask yourself ‘What have I done well, what have I not done well?’ I always want to continue improving,” he added.

“Now I’m very proud to reach this number, and I hope for 300 more to come!”