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Wilshere misses football, makes sliding tackle on his wife

Jack Wilshere
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West Ham midfielder Jack Wilshere took to his garden with his wife to stay fit amidst the coronavirus crisis. It seems he got a bit too excited though.

With players advised to train at home in this period, Jack Wilshere took to an unlikely training partner in his wife at their garden.

The West Ham star was seen putting his wife to the paces as he kept the ball from her touch.

However, the lack of football in a while appeared to get the better of Wilshere when he made a ‘proper defensive’ sliding tackle, taking the piss completely.

“The frustration of isolation coming out, but to be fair the ball was there to be won,” Wilshere joked in the background as seen in an Instagram video.

Fans took the funny side of things and made snide comments the West Ham star could be out for some months after that heavy tackle.

For all of his talent, Wilshere has seen his career plagued by injuries, ranging from his time at Arsenal till date with West Ham.

The 28-year-old has struggled with a pelvic injury this season and has only managed six appearances. totaling 197 minutes for the Hammers.