Wilson doesn’t want Fraser to leave

The Scottish winger has been linked to a move to Arsenal after having his best season ever of his career.

Bournemouth striker Callum Wilson has revealed how he plans to make sure teammate Ryan Fraser doesn’t leave the team to go to Arsenal.

The Scottish winger has been linked with the Gunners, after an impressive English Premier League campaign this year.

“He’s been a top draw,” Wilson told talkSPORT.

“For me, working with him, he gets to the byline and you know where he’s going to put the ball, I make the same run and it just seems to be finding me more times than not.”

“And vice versa with him – I get to a position on the pitch and know if I cut the ball back into a certain area he’ll be hanging around there,” he added.

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Hargreaves doesn’t think United or Arsenal will finish top four

According to the former footballer, the team has not improved a lot since last season in the English Premier League and he doesn't see what can they do better.

“We didn’t actually even work on that partnership in training, the manager hasn’t done anything with us, it just seems to have forged on the pitch.”

“It’s my delight and I’ll be making sure he doesn’t go anywhere this summer,” he said.

“He was a big supply for me, he assisted half of my goals!”

“But he’s not going anywhere, I’ll make sure,” Wilson commented.

“I’ll padlock him, I’ll get him in a headlock!”


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