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Wilson says humility is very important

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The Bournemouth footballer believes he needs to remain humble if he wants to succeed in the world of football.

Callum Wilson was just 22-years-old when he was signed by Bournemouth’s Eddie Howe in 2014.

And five years later, he’s an England international and one of the most important pieces at the Premier League club.

“Whether or not you have success in life, you always have to remain the same,” he told the club’s official website.

“I’m the same as all the other lads in the dressing room.”

“Just because I have put on an England shirt and scored for my country, I’m no different,” he said.

“I have always stayed humble and think that’s the best way to be because it will take you far in life.”

“You do get recognized a lot more but that’s just because we are a Premier League club now. Everyone watches England so I guess more people will recognize you,” he continued saying.

“But when I’m with my family, people don’t tend to bother me. They know you need your privacy and space and they respect that.”

He concluded: “I would never refuse anybody a photo, I’m not that type of guy. When you retire, you will probably miss people recognizing you so just enjoy it while it lasts.”