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Winning the World Cup with Portugal – Is it possible?

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The only thing missing in the cabinet for Cristiano Ronaldo is the FIFA World Cup. The Portuguese only time getting close was at the 2006 tournament in Germany.

Since then, he and Portugal have been struggling to make a massive impact on the tournament. They crashed out early in the competition. 

With the Qatar 2022 schedule out, the player has the chance to go one more time for his country. They would push to win the competition, but it would be difficult because of the other strong team in the World Cup. There are many challenges for the team to overcome before they can even make it out of the waters. In that case, we’re expecting them to push for more with CR7 in the squad. 

As we prepare for the competition, many people will inevitably be focused on how far the team will go, with Ronaldo leading the fray. Winning the World Cup with Portugal would be an excellent way for Ronaldo to end his already boisterous career, stamping his feet in the sands of time. 

The problem is that Portugal would have to overcome some tough opponents before making the final, not to mention winning the competition. However, there is a chance for the team to win. So, can Portugal and Ronaldo win the 2022 FIFA World Cup? Keep reading to find out what we think. 

Portugal World Cup schedule

Portugal’s World Cup Journey would start in Group H, where they would face Ghana in the first match. This won’t be the first time both countries meet at the world cup. The last time they did, Portugal was the best team, after they beat Ghana by 2-1 at the Brazil 2014 World Cup. 

After Ghana, the team would play against another familiar foe in the competition, Uruguay. This time Portugal will be the one to want revenge, as Uruguay was the team to eliminate Portugal from the 2018 FIFA World Cup that was held in Russia. Would Ronaldo score a goal in this revenge to bring victory to Portugal? Finally, they would have to face South Korea to cap up the group stages. 

Group members and entering the knockout phase

After the draw, Portugal was placed in Group H with Ghana, South Korea, and Uruguay. From looking at the teams, it is not an easy ride for Portugal. They would have to win more than one game to qualify for the next round. Going by performance and history in the competition, Portugal is one of the favorites to go into the knockout phase.

If they can beat Ghana in the first game and draw Uruguay and South Korea, that would be enough for the team to make it to the knockout phase. Therefore, we expect a push in the first game to ensure that they have enough to make it out of the group. It won’t be easy, but it is very much possible with Ronaldo leading the fray. 

Other major contenders

Every World Cup, we always have major contenders. This competition has never been a problem, and the 2022 tournament is no different. If any team wants to win, these teams would be the leading competitors. We’ve put together four primary contenders going into this tournament. 


Brazil has World Cup pedigree, and they’ve always been one of the best teams in the competition. Every World Cup tournament, Brazil would be part of the favorites and this year’s competition is no different. They would be one of the top teams to watch out for from the start to the end of the competition. 


Another team with a history in the competition is Argentina. They don’t have as rich a history as Brazil, but they have a pedigree. And one man would be looking to win his first World Cup trophy for his country, making them a formidable team throughout the competition. 


France is the defending champions, and their squad hasn’t depleted since they won the competition in 2018. With the star-studded players, the team would be one of the favorites to win the competition, and only a few teams can stop them from achieving this dream. 


Back in the fray, the Netherlands is a top team that has always been close, but they haven’t been lucky enough to win the competition. They would want to try to do that this year and push for their first title. Therefore, they would be a contender in this competition. 

Our thoughts

Portugal has a chance to win the World Cup if they can play as a team and repeat the drive and motivation they used to win the France 2016 UEFA Euro championship. In that competition, they were not the best team, but they went on to win the competition. Once they can repeat that run, there is a good chance that Ronaldo and Portugal would be world champions in Qatar.