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Wolfsburg thinks football makes a difference

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The German Bundesliga club organized an event where current trends were discussed, not only about football but also about social responsibility

German Bundesliga side VfL Wolfsburg organized an event on Monday called “Football makes a difference”, to talk about the social obligation the club has.

“We can’t just concentrate on football,” stressed the team’s managing director Tim Schumacher as reported by the Wolfsburg official website.

“We must have a social responsibility and be aware that we really can make a difference. We want to fulfill this obligation.”

“Through their extensive CSR activities and the sustainability report, VfL Wolfsburg has the skills to help other clubs do better in these challenges,” DFB president Reinhard Grindel added.

“Among other things, it’s about helping young people, whether it’s getting them a training place or offering language courses to refugees or supporting them in dealing with authorities. It certainly helps if you have a major partner on your side.”

“It’s a great bridge to the future for top-level football because it’s about starting a project for 2024 together with the Bundesliga so that we then have a team that’s capable of challenging for the tournament in our own country,” Gindel said about the rumored Super League.