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‘Wolves could get relegated next season after Europa heartbreak’

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Pundit Adrian Durham makes a strong claim that the heartbreak Wolves suffered this season could contribute to a poor campaign next term.

Wolves’ long season came to an end after they suffered a narrow 1-0 defeat to Sevilla in Europa League quarter-final.

A goal from Ocampos in the 88th minute ended all hopes of the club to lift silverware this season.

They finished seventh in the Premier League. However, Arsenal’s FA Cup triumph means the Gunners will take Wolves’ spot as the final club to play in the Europa League next season.

Nuno Santos’ men also had one of the longest seasons by an English top-flight in history.

After the upset by the global pandemic, Wolves’ season lasted for 383 days, 59 games and saw them travel to 10 different countries in total.

Durham believes all of the disappointment the club suffered this term could impact their campaign next term. He went on further to claim that they could even suffer relegation next season.

Durham said as quoted by talkSPORT: “I’m looking at Wolves’ game plan… I thought it was all wrong.”

“Having praised Nuno like we did yesterday, I just looked at it and thought: ‘what on earth are you doing? How on earth do you think that’s going to get you through this quarter-final?”

“It was almost like he was waving a white flag saying ‘no, we’re really not ready to be at this stage so we’ll bow out and let you go through.”

“I thought it was a really poor display from Wolves and the manager.”

“And it’s led me to think that – and I know Wolves fans might not like this – I think Wolves might get relegated next season.”

He added: “I think there’s a problem there. They’ve had such a long, hard season and there’s nothing to show for it. I think that affects your mentality to some extent.”

“I think there’s a chance some of the players, who are in line to get NO European football next season, will think, I’ve done well here, so now’s the time to move on.”