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Would Cristiano Ronaldo continue at Manchester United, and how would he perform?

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As we approach the new season, there has been a lot of doubt cast over where Cristiano Ronaldo would play.

He is still under contract with Manchester United, but many fans have doubted if CR7 would be part of the team for the 2022/2023 season. He remains in the top Premier League predictions list for who to win the Golden Boot. 

However, since the problem is that he might not be part of the Manchester United team, many pundits are not adding him to their predictions. Also, rumours have been flying around that he might leave for Atletico Madrid in no time. With these ongoing talks, the question on everyone’s lips is where would CR7 play next season’s football?

Even though he is in his late 30s, Cristiano Ronaldo is still one of the most reliable players to watch. He has many to offer, and one sure thing is you would get goals with him at the helm. You can always rely on the Portuguese to give you that extra bit of magic upfront and bring you many more goals. 

Undoubtedly, he would be an asset for any team in the world, and with his huge following, the player would bring a massive market to the club. Therefore, football and business-wise, adding CR7 to your squad is one thing any club should be looking to do. The problem is that Ronaldo would be looking for his next challenge. 

The player has had many stints in different leagues and would want to continue to improve his records in more countries. In addition, playing for Manchester United would mean that the player has to play in the UEFA Europa League for the first time in his incredible career. 

That has been the main reason he has been in and out of the news and the prominent peddler of the rumor that he wants to leave. Undoubtedly, CR7 would prefer to play in the UEFA Champions and increase his goals tally while trying to add one more to his cabinet. Playing for Manchester United would mean giving up on that dream. 

It is a tough decision for the player because missing out on the competition would jeopardise his records, especially with Messi playing for PSG, a team with one of the best chances of winning the competition. So, would Ronaldo remain in Manchester to play for United? If he does, how would he perform?

Staying in Manchester

Cristiano Ronaldo’s best option would be to stay in Manchester United and help the team back to the Champions League. The top European teams are trying to rebuild and are more focused on getting suitable youngsters into the fray. Therefore, a player like Ronaldo would be more of a luxury buy.

With the financial situations of many top teams, buying the player won’t be sound financial advice. So, many of the top teams have withdrawn from purchasing the player. They would be going for the younger prospect. Because of this development, there is a good chance that Ronaldo is staying at United. 

The Europa League and Premier League

The biggest problem with CR7 staying at Manchester is the Europa League. He will be tainting his perfect record if he plays in the competition. It would be the first time he is participating in a second-tier competition. Hence, the reason many believe he wants to move away from the club.

But many fail to realize that he is an option in the Premier League predictions today list for the top goalscorers. It would help him get more accolades if he could win the award. He can only do that if he’s part of Manchester United’s team next season. So, we would expect him to consider staying. 

His records and setting new ones

Every fan knows that Ronaldo loves to set new records. He is one of the players that keep pushing and continue to look for a way to get more into the fray. Ronaldo is one player you can expect to drive his passion for winning trophies. He doesn’t want to stop delivering. Therefore, he keeps pushing himself.

As a result, he has become overly ambitious and wants to move to another club to try new things with them. Also, he would like to maintain his records at the UCL. However, he can’t be one of the favorite Premier League picks if he doesn’t stay in the league and play for Manchester United.

What we think

Cristiano Ronaldo is one player that would continue to perform and score goals until his retirement. He would be an asset in the Ten Hag rebuild as he would help the youngsters improve their playing abilities, and they can emulate him to push for more. We believe Ronaldo would be part of the Manchester United team for the 2022/2023 season.