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Wright slams “disrespectful” Koscielny

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The Arsenal legend didn’t like how former Gunners captain Laurent Koscielny removed his shirt to display Bordeaux’s jersey in his announcement video.

Former Arsenal captain Laurent Koscielny refused to travel on Arsenal’s pre-season tour, making it clear he wanted to leave.

And after nine years with the Gunners, he has left the English Premier League to join French Ligue 1 side Bordeaux.

But on his announcement video, he removed the Arsenal shirt to show the jersey of his new club.

“You should be ashamed for the way you’ve left the club after nine years,” Gunners legend Ian Wright told the BBC.

“Got what you wanted and still trying to have a dig. Hope it’s worth it in the long run.”

Koscielny added: “My decision to leave has been discussed for months with my club, my team-mates, my coach.”

“However, I hope you can understand, and in any case, I cannot be thankful enough for these years past at Arsenal.”

“I am aware of everything that the club and you supporters have brought to me,” he added.

“But it is time for me to go home so today my will is to join the Bordeaux.”