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Wright slams Emery’s post Arsenal blame game

Ian Wright, Unai Emery, Arsenal
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Arsenal legend Ian Wright has accused Unai Emery of being delusional as he lays blame on the club for his downfall as manager.

Unai Emery left Arsenal and wile no sacking is a joyous occasion, the parting seemed amicable at least.

He has since come out and blamed the depth of the problems when he arrived at the club. As well as the fact he was not given enough time to finish a job that he was steadily making progress in.

Wright has come out and accused Emery of being out of his mind and running a team of unhappy players.

According to Goal, speaking on his own Kelly and Wrighty show, he even suggests that Emery’s latest comments are an attempt to drum up business for the unemployed manager.

He said:

“When you hear the quotes from Unai Emery… delusional comments if you ask me.”

“It was like a regime, it wasn’t very enjoyable.”

“Yes [they got to Europa League final] but it was the worst performance of an Arsenal team in a final.”

“Because again, whatever he says, the players weren’t happy, there wasn’t a vision or direction, the communication was poor.”

“He can say whatever he wants about how well he’s done because he’s got the ‘facts’ there but that team was going nowhere.”

“When you look at his record, for him to come out and say stuff like that.”

“He [Emery] was coming in as the guy that was going to steer us back and everyone gave him the support.”

“For me, he’s probably looking for a new job, trying to put himself back out there.”

It should be noted Wright has never been an Emery fan and slammed the club when they appointed him.