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WWE Bundesliga debut in the Freiburg vs Frankfurt game

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The WWE made its debut in the Bundesliga, in tonight’s clash between Freiburg and Frankfurt.

Freiburg ran out 1-0 winners, against the side that beat Bayern Munich a week ago.

But the talking point was about anything but football.

The game saw a player use a flattening clothesline move, on the Freiburg manager Christian Streich.

This brought about absolute chaos, as something akin to a “Royal Rumble” then ensued.

The initial confrontation was carried out by Frankfurts David Abraham. What followed was virtually the entire squad of both sides getting in on the action.

Frankfurt was desperately trying to grab an equalizer deep into injury time. Abraham wanted to take a throw.

Streich refused to accommodate Abraham’s hurry and refused to move out of his way.

The solid center-back quite promptly moved the manager himself, flat onto his back.

Then total pandemonium broke out.

Freiburg ended the game with ten men, and Frankfurt with nine.

Perhaps Frankfurts Abraham and arsenals Geundouzi would make a great tag team partnership.