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Xabi Alonso reveals why he left Real Madrid for Guardiola

Xabi Alonso
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Xabi Alonso has explained his decision to leave Real Madrid for Bayern Munich.

Xabi Alonso left signed for Real Madrid in the summer of 2009. In a career lasting six years, the Spaniard averaged a trophy every year, including the famous ‘La Decima.’ The midfielder then decided to call time in the Bernabeu and switched to FC Bayern.

Recently, Goal.com reported Xabi Alonso’s talk on his life in Germany. The 37-year old revealed that he was curious to get to the bottom of Pep Guardiola’s coaching tactics.

“I was so curious to find out [Guardiola’s] secrets.

“He has a relentless natural enthusiasm. Football seasons are long but right until the very end, Pep never seemed to be tired. He was alert, always ready. For the players, maybe this gave us an extra few metres in our legs when it mattered most,” Xabi Alonso explained.

“I didn’t enjoy playing against them [Borussia Dortmund] because they made it so intense, you’d almost break. It was like he [Jurgen Klopp] wanted you to be in a cage. He wanted to trap you. There was an organised pressure. I was under pressure all the time.

“I enjoyed the mood around those games because they were so important but the challenge of beating Dortmund was immense,” Xabi Alonso concluded.